Wireless security: Cut costs without cutting corners

Switching to a wireless access control brings efficiency, convenience and sustainability to your building security and reduces your overall costs

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions has conducted an in-house research to identify the potential savings of a wireless access control system compared to a wired system. Calculations have been made in different areas of the access control system lifecycle and are available in this Cost Saving Solution Guide.

Download our Cost Saving Solution Guide and discover how to:

  • Cut installation costs by 80% *

  • Reduce your energy bill up to 70%*

  • Save money when expanding your current security system

    *Calculations based on an average from real installation projects across Europe using anonymised data, sourced from ASSA ABLOY’s partners.


Cut the wires, cut the cost

Learn more about how a wireless access control system can help you cut costs throughout its lifecycle with our downloadable Cost Saving Solution Guide.