How about securing cash and workflows all at once?

In today’s banking sector, operational improvements are the name of the game: it is critical to stay up to date with the latest security technologies.

In this 12-page solutions guide you will find out how to redefine security for your banking business via transparent and efficient processes. All the most ardent challenges faced by your bank, ATM or cash in transit company are answered; best part of it, it's completely free for you to download.

Read about the six most challenging access control security issues faced within the banking industry.

This solution guide focuses on solving them by providing you with solutions for having:

  • Access at various locking points using a single key

  • Immediate audit trails to see who accessed where and when

  • Access rights for limited amount of time using PIN validation

  • A system for areas that require special transportation and logistics

  • Various locking points including doors, cabinets, safety vaults, ATMs, etc.

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Learn how to increase your banking organisation's safety with our solution guide