Keys or access control - why not both?

3680 hours

... or the equivalent of 153 days is spent searching for stuff, over our lifetimes! How much time do you think you can save on lost keys every month?

Do you want to...

  • Minimize the risks posed by lost or stolen keys?

  • Boost your business’ security with flexible access and key management?

  • Minimize operational costs?

  • Control and manage access at anytime from anywhere?


Look no further:

CLIQ® is your future-proof access control solution



Leave your outdated locking systems in the past where they belong

Mechanical locking brings major inconvenience to your business, such as money and time invested in overseeing seurity breaches, personnel changes and high inventory.

With CLIQ® you can now streamline your access control system and eliminate the problems thats come with vulnerable key security.

CLIQ® helps you to:

  • Minimize the risk of lost or stolen key 

  • Secure doors, cabinets, elevators, machines and Gates 

  • Schedule access to any door or grant time-limited Access 

  • Gain easily audit trails

  • Manage access rights anytime, anywhere 

  • Optimize workflows

CLIQ® gives you 3 levels of access control, no matter what your business type is

for small businesses who can manage access rights via an app


CLIQ® Web Manager
for all businesses who want to manage access rights via web based software


CLIQ® Connect
with BLE technology for large businesses with remote sites and workforces who want to manage access rights via web based software


CLIQ® is trusted across multiple industries

“Now, if someone goes out on a Saturday night and loses the key, it is not a risk to us anymore,”
says Mats Fagerström, chief security officer at Helsingin Energia.


“We were looking to solve key management issues. CLIQ® enabled us to have more control,”
explains Craig Allen, Festival Place’s security centre manager.


“The message from all nursing staff is that patients are getting medicines much easier and in a more timely fashion,”
says Inderjit Singh, Chief Pharmacist at QE Birmingham.




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