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Door Closers from ASSA ABLOY, what makes them different?

Learn more about the security, safety and accessibility benefits of ASSA ABLOY Door Closers.

A history of innovation and expertise in door solutions helps us design and deliver the right door closer to customers all over the world.

Open doors easily and comfortably

Feel the difference with Cam-Motion® Technology.

Unlike a traditional rack-and-pinion closer, Cam-Motion does the heavy lifting — so building users don’t have to. A door requires less effort for everyone who passes through it.

When you open a door equipped with a Cam-Motion door closer, the force needed to open the door falls quickly. This innovative technology mirrors the power of a human elbow, which also falls sharply as the arm extends. Final closing speed is also reduced.

Take advantage of true fit and consistent performance

Cam-Motion door closers have independent valves, enabling latch and closing speeds to be set independently. Little fingers (and their parents) will appreciate this extra safeguard. Back-check functionality stops doors damaging walls and surrounding areas. Furthermore, these valves are thermo-resistant: Once all door speeds are set, they stay set — even at extreme temperatures.

Installed with a guiderail, Cam technology provides the most ergonomic opening solution — also eliminating projecting link arms for a more aesthetically pleasing impression.

Close doors smoothly, securely and quietly

Door closers with Close-Motion® enable safe and quiet closing, also with reduced final closing speed.This technology can assist with difficult-to-close doors such as entrance doors subject to draughts and windy conditions, and often with areas subject to air pressure differentials such as clean rooms and server rooms.

Close-Motion technology ensures the closer requires minimal maintenance and no complicated adjustments to the door. Retrofitting is straightforward. 

Close-Motion in Healthcare

Quiet doors aid concentration, privacy and patient comfort. Learn more in our Case Study.

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