The world moves. Your building security should move with it.

Introducing Incedo™ Business: The access control you demand, with the flexibility you need

The world is forever changing. People, data and goods move more fluidly than ever before. Your security needs to move with them.

Modern life should be a series of seamless experiences, faster and easier for everyone. A static solution is no longer an option. A single, future-proofed security platform delivers connectivity, flexibility and convenience — for both building users and managers.

This is where Incedo comes in: our new security ecosystem combines ASSA ABLOY’s world-leading range of wireless locks and other access hardware, which now includes our energy harvesting ASSA ABLOY PULSE key, with flexible software, multiple management options and the ability to scale on demand, in any direction.

Incedo handles security, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. It ensures your employees, customers and goods are where they need to be.

Say hello to Incedo™ Business

Incedo is the next leap forward in building security: a single access management solution bringing hardware and software together.

It provides a more intuitive way of using today’s smart buildings, without compromise. As homes get smarter, people demand the same from their workspaces — and all other environments they move through.

Our expectations about what technology can do for our lives, inevitably, keep growing. We look for always-on connectivity wherever we move, intelligent use of data to improve our lives, and the integrity of smart solutions to protect us digitally and physically.

Above all, everything must be seamlessly integrated. This is exactly what Incedo™ has been designed for — to ensure secure, seamless movement of people and things. Together.


How will you benefit from adopting Incedo™ Business?

As a facility manager or system user:

  • Control: manage all your security and access systems in one place

  • Scalability: migration between all Incedo options is free and seamless

  • Value: maximize return on investment and never retrain your staff

  • Flexibility: choose local or cloud management; cards, tokens or mobile keys

  • Agility: work smarter with real-time control and personalized access

As an installer or system integrator:

  • Choice: select from multiple Incedo-enabled ASSA ABLOY solutions

  • Simplicity: save time with a system designed for interoperability

  • Intelligence: open customers’ minds to smart building innovations

  • Efficiency: upgrade easily thanks to Incedo’s modular structure

  • Integration: extend Incedo with services from third-party vendors

Incedo™ moves with you, today and in the future

In 2020, the Incedo ecosystem launches with Incedo Business, a user-friendly software interface suited to almost any organization. A wide and growing range of ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning intelligent access control hardware, including ASSA ABLOY PULSE and security solutions are already available for every new Incedo Business system.

The Incedo solution comes with three system management options — Lite, Plus and Cloud — giving each customer the ability to scale security around their security needs. You can switch between Lite, Plus and Cloud management whenever you choose.

Scale up and down, add or remove hardware and credentials on demand — or switch system management options — all within your single Incedo environment.

And because the security and operational challenges at a university, small hotel or hospital are not the same as those faced by a public building or corporate HQ, Incedo will soon roll out new software and hardware solutions tailored to your industry.

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