Incedo™ Business Plus, integrate all your systems within a single platform

Incedo moves with you, today and in the future

The world is forever changing. People, data and goods move more fluidly than ever before. Your security needs to move with them.

Modern life should be a series of seamless experiences, faster and easier for everyone. A static solution is no longer an option. A single, future-proofed security platform delivers connectivity, flexibility and convenience — for both building users and managers.

This is where Incedo Business comes in: our new security ecosystem combines ASSA ABLOY’s world-leading range of wireless locks and other access hardware with flexible software, multiple management options and the ability to scale on demand, in any direction.

Incedo Business handles security, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. It ensures your employees, customers and goods are where they need to be. No exceptions, no excuses.

Say hello to Incedo Business Plus

Incedo Business Plus enables the integration of your access control system with a growing range of security points and systems. It simplifies security management in any building, no matter how large.

Plus is the first Incedo Business system management solution which can integrate with third-party hardware — from video to CCTV, elevators to biometrics systems via API.

The Incedo Business Plus solution is ideal for large organizations and multinationals, because it can control up to 25 sites and 500 doors per system. It offers the capability to manage and run complex reports. As with all Incedo system management options, Plus gives you the power to scale up or down almost instantly as your needs change.

This high-end management solution is subscription based and designed with system collaboration in mind, creating a flexible solution which streamlines security in even the most complex organizations.

Incedo Business Plus offers more integrations, more control, and maximum security.

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How will you benefit from adopting Incedo Business Plus?

As a facility manager or system user:

Control: manage all your security and access systems in the cloud

Scalability: migration between all Incedo options is easy and seamless

Value: maximize return on investment and never retrain your staff

Flexibility: choose local or cloud management; cards, tokens or mobile keys

Agility: work smarter with real-time control and personalized access


As an installer or system integrator:

Choice: select from multiple Incedo-enabled ASSA ABLOY solutions

Simplicity: save time with a system designed for interoperability

Intelligence: open customers’ minds to smart building innovations

Efficiency: upgrade easily thanks to Incedo’s modular structure

Integration: extend Incedo with services from third-party vendors

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