ASSA ABLOY PULSE: Self-powered access control

Our intelligent, self-powered and energy efficient access control solution combines modern electronic locking with the familiarity of mechanical security.

Future-proof wireless sustainability for all types of sites

ASSA ABLOY PULSE is designed to be a secure, sustainable and future-proof option for different types of sites with a high volume of frequently changing users. Whatever doors you want to control access to, whether in a new build or a retro-fit existing multi-resident premises, ASSA ABLOY PULSE can be installed and used with ease.

  • Intelligent locking solution

  • Sustainable and wireless - no need for wires, batteries or external power

  • Best-in class, secure digital encryption

  • Programmable keys for every user

  • Designed for existing buildings and new builds alike

  • Grant access to doors, personal cabinets, garbage units and more


Security updates at the turn of a key

Every time an ASSA ABLOY PULSE key is inserted into one of the locking devices energy is generated which powers ASSA ABLOY PULSE’s secure, encrypted electronic security feature. Up-to-date access information is then transmitted via SEOS® technology so security data is constantly updated throughout the day.

  • Lost keys are no problem - instant blacklisting and system update

  • Up-to-date security information easily transmitted to all doors

  • Dual credentials

KEY + CYLINDER - 640x630

Scalable and cost-efficient security with cloud-based software

  • Start small and scale up as your budget allows

  • Reuse existing keys - just re-programme when users leave

  • Keep day-to-day admin simple via the intuitive software

  • Stay in control with security updates

  • Easily manage accesses remotely and on site

  • No additional energy costs


The power of convenience for everyone

Whether it’s convenience for security staff or for users, ASSA ABLOY PULSE has it covered.

  • One key to unlock all doors

  • Open doors with the first try - no matter which way you turn the key!

  • Easy maintenance - no batteries to replace

  • Manage accesses anywhere thanks to the web-based software

  • No more lost key problems - simply revoke access rights remotely and on site

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