Get access control for the mobile age

SMARTair® is a cost-effective alternative to a full high-security system that now combines access control technology with mobile intelligence.

Why SMARTair access control?

Here are 6 reasons why:

  • Replace keys with modern, wireless access control that works out the box

  • Choose any RFID technology — or open doors with the Openow™ app

  • Control your door security from a single point with intuitive software

  • Schedule access at specific times: employees by day, cleaners after hours

  • Retrofit with ease — there’s no wiring and no drilling around your doors

  • Secure every opening: readers for gates or lifts, cabinet locks for lockers


What comes with my SMARTair access system?

  • Locks and other devices: secure, wireless, robust, stylish and easy to install

  • Intuitive management software: with an interface accessible from any device

  • Credentials: unlock doors with an RFID smart-card, fob or smartphone app

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One SMARTair® access control system, 4 ways to manage it

  • Standalone: wireless locks and card readers, but no software to manage

  • Offline: for medium traffic and few doors, which you program manually

  • Update on Card: automatic audit trails and rights updated by user card

  • Wireless Online: real-time control so you know what’s happening right now 

  • Openow: replace keys and smart-cards with secure credentials stored on a user's smartphone

Mobile keys on a smartphone — it’s easy with SMARTair®

With the Openow™ app you open doors with your phone.

Facility managers issue and revoke virtual keys, or set them to expire automatically.

No more plastic key-cards means no bulky card activation terminal on reception, and no keeping your visitors waiting.

With Openow™, if you have your phone, you’re carrying your keys.

Dozens of customers in very diverse industries have transformed their workplace security with SMARTair

SMARTair unlocks schools, colleges, universities, kindergardens, academies and student accommodation against vandalism and theft.

For medical centres, psychiatric facilities, and old people’s homes, SMARTair secures restricted areas where drugs, personal and sensitive data are stored, while protecting vulnerable patients and employees.

For facilities managers of apartment blocks, student accommodation, social housing, holiday rentals and guest houses, SMARTair solves the problem of copying or replacing traditional locks and keys.

For offices, factories, shops, shopping centres and pharmacies, SMARTair provides a sophisticated, but flexible security solution to protect buildings and interiors.

For municipalities/local councils, town hall buildings and offices, social housing/sheltered housing, community services including library, gym, sports centre and cultural centre


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