Protect what’s most valuable in your school

SMARTair® is a smart, reliable access control system designed for schools

Our 8-page solution guide introduces powerful electronic access control that is easy and affordable to install, simple to manage and loaded with features to help you save money and time — and forget the hassle of mechanical keys. The solution guide is free to download.

What’s so smart about SMARTair for schools?

Inside this 8-page solution guide you will discover:


  • Access control that adapts to your budget and saves you money

  • Electronic locks to handle doors with high traffic, high security, or both

  • How staff and students can store “virtual keys” safely on a smartphone

  • Devices to protect every opening, from classrooms and car parks to student lockers

  • Intelligent locking that works with your existing emergency evacuation procedures and door equipment


Protect what’s most valuable in your school

Download our free solution guide and learn how to improve your schools safety