TESA Hotel, the access solution to increase guest satisfaction

TESA Hotel is the user-friendly access control solution for hotels, tourist apartments, holiday rentals, campsites, farmstays and more. Wherever your hospitality business needs a secure way to keep guests coming and going, TESA Hotel has a solution.

Based on programmable smartcards and virtual smartphone keys, a TESA Hotel system saves you time and money.

Your guests feel safe, comfortable and relaxed — and want to return as soon as possible.

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Why TESA Hotel?

  • Easy administration: TESA Hotel software enables managers to easily administer the system for fast, efficient check-in and check-out

  • User convenience: on arrival guests receive a credential (smartcard or virtual key) programmed with their dates of stay. And a separate credential can be issued to each room occupant

  • Quick access: no more messing with room keys; the smartcard provides easy access. TESA Hotel provides the peace of mind that comes with a secure, user-friendly way to lock and unlock rooms

  • Time- and money-saving: if a guest or master card is lost, a new one is quickly generated within the system software, cancelling the lost one. There’s no need to change locks or waste time and money getting new keys cut

  • All in one: with one smartcard, guests open their room and common access doors, turn on the lights and unlock the safe. It’s so convenient

  • Unattended reception: Openow Bluetooth virtual keys or the Check-In by PIN solution permit guests to access their room with no staff assistance, making these options perfect for hotels or apartments with no 24/7 reception

  • Wireless for fast retrofit: there is no need to disrupt your hotel business to make the switch to TESA Hotel. Locks are wire-free to install, so fitting is fast and your interior design remains intact

One access control system, 5 ways to manage it

With the TESA Hotel platform, you choose the management option to suit your business — or manage multiple solutions simultaneously.

Your options include:

  • Standalone: basic, cost-efficient access management without software

  • Read and Write: simple system management for better hotel security

  • Wireless Online: real-time, remote control over your entire hotel site

  • Openow: secure virtual key system for an app-powered guest experience

  • Check-in by PIN: convenient, key-free arrival for guests around the clock

Mobile keys on a smartphone? It’s easy with Openow™

Openow makes it possible to manage every access into and around your hotel from a smartphone. Valid for both guests and staff, it enables smartphone access through more than just guestroom doors.

Locks for common areas, parking, the spa or gym can be opened with Openow technology. A secure virtual key is easily sent to your guest, anywhere and at any time.

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