Experience performance on every level with modern security locking for commercial and residential premises

A convenient access management solution based on keys with a secure dimple security design and patented lock technology.


Security does not stop at the front door: sensitive rooms and interior spaces also need protection against unauthorized access. CY110’s complex dimple design helps you run an affordable master-key system to achieve this. With CY110, you easily create tailored, individualized keys for zones or groups of rooms.


CY110 locks let the right people in. And keep everyone else out.

CY110’s long patent protects against key copying, because only authorized partners can duplicate a CY110 key. Anti-tampering and attack resistance exceeds required standards. CY110 provides the peace of mind that your property is secure inside, and out.


CY110 is also convenient to use. The robust reversible CY110 key turns first time, every time. Locks have self-lubricating nickel-silver pins for a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. CY110 lock hardware [LINK] is available for more than just doors, so users open doors, cabinets, gates and more with their single, tailored CY110 key.


Beyond its commercial application, CY110 also makes life more convenient for residential property owners. A “keyed alike” CY110 system lets a family unlock their entire house with a single secure key. Inconvenient heavy key bunches become a thing of the past, because one key opens the front and back doors, storage spaces, interior offices, garages, sheds and more.

CY110 has a solution for almost every locking point, from doors and outbuildings to the garage or letterbox. Learn more about CY110 locking system hardware range below:


The affordable step up to a commercial Master Key System


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